Friday, May 29, 2009

This is EXACTLY How I Feel

This morning, Krugman was talking about the inflation fear-mongering. I agree with him in that if there is going to be ANY inflation, it will only come about as a result of deficit spending at the federal level. But the banks are hoarding more than what Obama is doing in additional spending. So the hoarding negates any inflationary effect that the spending may have had. Where I disagree with Krugman is in his assertion that more government spending is going to "rescue" the American economy. The hoarding door can swing both ways and bank hoarding can also keep any positive effects from occurring. But eventually, unless we plan on making such expenditures a permanent feature of the economy, we simply MUST address the underlying issue...stagnant wages.

Either wages must come up or prices must come down. Conservatives want to give us lending and credit to make up for the difference between wages and prices and "liberals," or what I like to call neo-liberals, want to avoid the wage issue too and give us government spending. Where do they think the tax money comes from to pay for all of this spending? Doesn't it come from.... wages?

But I don't see wages going up any time soon...except maybe for the rich. No, the only thing I see are falling prices. There's no other way out but to deflate this overly-inflated economy. Home prices, car prices, college costs, luxury items at the mall...everything that was being purchased on time before this mess began must come down.

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