Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Third Way for Student Loans?

"In contrast to recent years, he said, when Congress has rammed through changes in the student loan programs without meaningful discussion about what would be intelligent public policy, 'I think there's a perfect opportunity now ... to come up with a funding model that will provide necessary assurances for liquidity, provide the guarantees and other services that students and families desire, and allow for the competition and accountability that are necessary.'"

Need a funding model? It's called full funding for all levels, from pre-K to PhD. How do we go from a thought pattern like, "the more educated a populace is, the better" to a thought pattern like "we should let market forces run education?"

It's true. The cost of education is high, but the cost of ignorance is even higher.

We need to look at it as an investment with the ROI being human harmony.

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