Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama Likes To Get Cozy With Vipers

Here's an interesting perspective that I haven't thought about. Maybe after the banks did that, Obama will be more willing to draw the line with these "vipers?" (Andrew Jackson's description, not mine.):

WASHINGTON, April 13 (UPI) -- Tucked away inside the small print of the latest Federal Reserve report on its balance sheet is a jaw-dropping nugget of information. A year ago, American banks had $1.8 billion on deposit with the Fed above and beyond the regulatory requirements. This month, these excess deposits have soared to $771.2 billion. This is not just massive evidence of hoarding of funds by the banks. It also means that the banks are undermining the Obama administration's attempts to stimulate the economy. Just as President Obama pumps $787 billion of deficit spending into the economy, the banks take $771 billion out of it and sock it away in the Fed's vaults.

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